Wednesday, 8 June 2016

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The reviews for Warcraft aren’t getting any better. As more have rolled in, the film reached a peak of 24% on Rotten Tomatoes, but now with 48 counted, it’s down to 16%, its lowest point yet, and beneath the likes of DOOMDead or Alive and every Resident Evil movie.This is Hollywood, after all, and despite poor scores from critics, it’s entirely possible that Warcraft may go on to be a hit, thanks in part to its global appeal.We’ve seen this happen before. The last four Transformers movies have gotten 57%, 18%, 35% and 19% scores from critics, yet they’ve all made incredible amounts of money, and a fifth movie is on the way. A movie does not need to review well to perform well (though Warcraft is admittedly now on the lower side of the spectrum).

Warcraft is one of those properties where an innate fanbase of the source material may be enough to propel it to financial success. There have been three Warcraft RTS games, the life-consuming MMO World of Warcraft, and now Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm which use Warcraft characters. That’s a lot of players. That’s a big potential audience.

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It’s downright huge somewhere like China, where already Warcraft is racking up massive advance ticket sales that rival the likes of Furious 7 and The Avengers, which were obviously global hits themselves. It’s launching in a five-day window after Chinese students finish their exams, and box office pundits estimate that it could open with anywhere from $100M to $150M during that time period. And this is just China. With an estimated budget of $160M, and $70M already in the bank from international release in a few other markets, Warcraft seems well on its way to turning a profit, and a large one at that, when the domestic box office ends up added to the total. I doubt we’ll see some sort of superheroic opening weekend here in the US, but if it does reasonably well here, and is attractive overseas, it seems very likely that despite the poor reviews,Warcraft will be the blockbuster hit fans and Legendary have been hoping for.

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In some parts of the world, the Warcraft movie has been released, but for those of us living in the US, the movie will be dropping this coming Thursday. Reviews have been mixed, although for the most part they seem to be negative, but given Warcraft’s long and storied history and the millions of players that have played the franchise, we reckon they’ll watch it anyway.That being said, if you are curious about the movie and its background, you might be interested to learn that the movie’s comic prequel is out today. The official release date is set for the 7th of June and it will be a hardcover graphic novel with a story by none other than Blizzard’s very own Chris Metzen which will be written by Paul Cornell.

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