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For the female version, Neha Bhasin does very well, providing this is a different genre to the ‘Dhunki’ and ‘Asalaam-e-Ishqum’, which she has previously sung. Plus, the guitar, light-clapping and pot-tapping sounds are soothing and enhance the rurality of the song.After that song, listeners are plunged into dancing-zone… Well, almost! ‘440 Volt’ is sung by Mika Singh. One believes this song would be played during Aarfa and Sultan’s first meeting. In comparison to Mika’s ‘Aaj Ki Party’, ‘440 Volt’ is not as high-octane. One hopes that this track may be more enjoyable on celluloid.‘Sultan’ is a fast-tempo motivational track which is sung by Sukhwinder Singh and Shadab Faridi. The beginning guitar notes remind one of Survivor’s ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.Sukhwinder delivers yet another energetic performance. It captures the ‘Bas Tu Bhaag Milkha’ emotion, so it would be interesting to see how Sultan prepares for these wrestling matches on-screen.

Next is, ‘Sachi Muchi’. A fun-filled romantic track which is sung by Mohit Chauhan and Harshdeep Kaur. Both have done a decent job… Especially for Harshdeep as this song is different to her preferred genre of singing.

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The recurring tune of the mouth-organ, recreates the ‘Slow Motion Angreza’ feel. It would be nice to see Salman and Anushka dancing to this song in the movie.The proceeding track will make you emotional. ‘Bulleya’ has Papon (of ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’) at the vocals and he delivers yet another soulful performance. This Rock-Qawwali emphasises the pain of incomplete love potentially on-behalf of Sultan.The chorus lyrics: “Main Bhi Naachu Rijhaaun Sone Yaar Ko, Karoon Na Parva Bulleya,” indicate how the character has forgotten his love and is walking on the path of the Almighty.The music is equally touching, the combination of drums and harmonium is excellent. One of the finest tunes of the album!Another excellent track from the album, the beginning piano notes seem like a masterpiece by AR Rahman.Plus, the lyrics at the beginning are along the lines of: “Koi Jogi Koi Kalandar Rehta Hai Apne Mein. Koi Bhoola Hua Sikandar Rehta Hai Apne Mein.”

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It’s a track which celebrates life and how one must rise from failure. Irshad Kamil’s meaningful lyrics work again. One is also surprised when the song breaks out into Dubstep, with some motivational raps by Vishal Dadlani. This is a number which MUST be kept on repeat mode!The album concludes with a BANG. ‘Rise Of Sultan’ is a semi-instrumental with the words: “Khoon Mein Teri Mitti. Mitti Mein Tera Khoon. Upar Allah, Neeche Dharti Beech Mein Tera Junoon. Aye Sultan.” This is one power-packed song which yearns you for more excellent composition!Overall, the soundtrack of Sultan is one of the finest Vishal-Shekhar’s compositions in recent times, despite some situational tracks which would be interesting to watch on celluloid.Nevertheless, with six soulful/catchy songs of the nine compositions such as ‘BKBPH’, ‘Rise Of Sultan’, ‘Tuk Tuk’, ‘Bulleya’ and ‘Jag Ghoomiya’ outweigh the rest. We are certain these will stick with fans and audiences after the credits roll.

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